A friend invited us to Knife for his birthday celebratory dinner. This was the first time I had heard of Knife. I was quite surprised to discover that they’re located at Crystal Towers by Canal Walk. Personally I would think that this is quite a difficult location to be seen at, but I suppose they have the surrounding residence and the hotel guests. We went on a chilly Saturday evening and the restaurant wasn’t very busy. Earlier on in the week another friend asked me where we were going for dinner. I still jokingly said Knife, you know Fork’s sister restaurant! Much to my surprise I was actually spot on! J

I read up on Knife a bit before we went, after which I really looked forward to going. I love meat so I couldn’t wait to see all the awesomeness on their menu. By just looking at the interior of the restaurant, you immediately know what type of restaurant you are in. They have a lovely bar situated in the middle of the restaurant with booths covering the one wall. There are blown up pictures of kid’s faces covered in steak sauce up on the walls, while other walls are decorated with animals showing their different cuts of meat.

The staff was really friendly and very helpful. The manager even helped us choose a good bottle of wine for the evening.

A few people at our table ordered ribs. It was accompanied with a massive plastic apron, not a bib, an apron! Hilarious!! Suppose this encourages you to eat it with your hands, after which it’ll look like you need a bath!

For mains I had one of their specials, namely 200g Kudu medallions served with wilted spinach, green beans, roasted potatoes and a peppercorn sauce.

It was absolutely divine! It was extremely tender and accompanied with a delicious peppercorn sauce.

Unfortunately we didn’t have dessert, although I was dying to try their baked cheesecake!

We will definitely be back there next time and then I will ensure I get to taste their cheesecake! This tasty experience has made me curious to try Fork, because if they are “related” it can only be good!

Yours in fun & wild game,

Elly D

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