We were invited to come and see what they are doing and so went on Sunday for lunch, after our visit to Eden on the Bay. A large and imposing décor with huge windows, they do have an outdoor area and are about to erect ‘pods’ outside to protect from the weather. One will be dedicated to smokers.

They have a large bar and a TV which, on Sunday, was showing a loop of Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid on a screen some distance from our window seat. It serves the hotel guests, businesses in the area and a few shoppers from Century City. As Canal Walk is only 12 minutes from town and you can do all your shopping there, we do recommend Knife as a good place to visit for lunch or dinner after you have finished. It is relaxing and the food is good and well priced. Their bread is legendary and we think they should market it! (OK we know they are in the restaurant business, not a bakery.) Crisp crust, soft inside and very cheesy, it is incredibly moreish. Good looking salads were served to the table across from us – Nicoise, Seared Tuna and Caesar.

We also saw enormous hamburgers and there are other American style options. We opted for two house specials. John had a 200g piece of Chalmar Rump steak served with a rather bland green pepper sauce (there are 3 sauce choices) while Lynne got really involved with the half portion of smoked baby back pork spare ribs which had a lovely sticky messy barbeque sauce. These came with crisp French fries and a small cob of corn. We drank a glass of Warwick’s First Lady with these and we certainly recommend the match. Desserts seemed logical, so John had a baked vanilla cheesecake and Lynne the Key Lime pie which used real cream cheese, not that dreadful liquidised cottage cheese some other restaurants tend to use in their desserts, thereby ruining them. Two good espressos, then we were home for a nap. They do have a good children’s menu and a table that would suit a small party of mums with children – useful, because we know so many of you struggle to find good venues and this, after you have done your shopping, is a great venue.

There are good snack options too – bagels, burgers and salads. A special Monday to Friday lunch time menu lists a bagel at R35, salad at R45 and the day’s special at R60. All of these include a soft drink, glass of wine or a 330ml draught beer, making them exceptionally good value.