Firstly, this is a BIG thing since he normally always forgets about my birthday, Secondly when I asked him where he was taking me he said the restaurant was called Knife based at the Crystal Towers in Century City.  The first thing I thought was wow, ok, smart.  I need to get something to wear (I may be a girl that way).  Shaun told me not to stress, smart casual would be fine so off we headed to Knife.

When we got there I couldn’t stop admiring the decor, you instantly feel relaxed and comfortable which is something I would never have imagined for that kind of restaurant.  Our reservation was for 19h30 and we were immediately taken to our table.  Our waitress (silly me, I forgot to get her name) was absolutely amazing, incredibly attentive and very friendly.  She took our drinks orders and wished me a very happy birthday.

Once the drinks arrived our lovely waitress ran through the starter and dinner specials for the night and we placed our orders.  For starters I ordered the Smoked BBQ Spare Rib Spring rolls (sounds good hey?) and Shaun ordered the Calamari starter.  For the record, I don’t think I have EVER tasted anything as good as those spring rolls in my life.  EVER.  I know this is going to be a surprise, but not even my Lindt balls can compare to those spring rolls!  They came with this sauce which is probably what they baste their spare ribs in, I am probably VERY wrong, but it was a bit of a chutneyish HPish kind of sauce, it was delish.  I even took a picture for you, oh, I should note that there were 5 spring rolls when the starter arrived, it took everything I had to stop eating them to take this picture.

For mains I chose to go with one of the specials our lovely waitress offered us and that was the Springbok Shank with mashed potatoes and onions, Shaun went with a 300g Fillet Steak with mushroom sauce, again, wow.  The Springbok fell away from the bone at the mere sight of my knife approaching it, and do you want to talk about melt-in-your-mouth?  It was honestly so good.

The desserts were equally good, I had a chocolate brownie and Shaun ordered the Key Lime Pie with a Raspberry Sauce.  The chocolate brownie was brought to me with a candle in it and my lovely waitress actually sung happy birthday to me which was so special.  The sauce over the brownie, holy fudge, was so good, I considered licking my plate!

If you are looking for a restaurant for a special occasion, I would honestly recommend trying Knife, their food is fantastic, the atmosphere is sophisticated yet cosy and the staff are very attentive and friendly.